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“The new design has dramatically improvedthe usability of the GZS, creating real excitementwith our customers”
Simon Macauly - Electrodrive General Manager
Delivering turnkey, electro-mechanical solutions
to regulated environments
GZS Electric Bed Mover
Preventing injury to hospital staff,
Providing comfort to patients
GZS Electric Bed Mover
Electric hospital bed mover. Effortlessly moving
hospital beds, in confined environments
GZS Electric Bed Mover

The GZS Hospital Bed Mover

The GZS Electric Bed Mover represents the fourth generation hospital mover developed by Tricycle, in Partnership with Electrodrive.

In hospitals today, beds laden with injured or sick patients are required to be moved regularly through crowded hospital environments. Beds can weigh up to 600kg and are frequently moved by a single operator often causing strain to the user, and discomfort to the patient.

Customer and user research uncovered the opportunity to develop a bed mover that could reduce the strain to the operators revolutionizing the way in which patients and beds are moved through a high traffic, often critical environment.

Through the development of a unique product architecture and User Interface the GZS provides safe and agile movement of large cumbersome hospital beds.

The architecture is designed with a bio-directional power steering and movement system. This system provides great manoeuvrability of the beds around corners, as it turns the hospital beds about the mid-point of the bed.

The user interface of the product is developed for ease of adoption and control by trained and first time users.

It includes a silent and universal bed connection system to minimize the stress and discomfort to patients.

design build test
Our expertise…

Developing design innovation through actively combining product design and engineering disciplines

Delivering certified electromechanical product solutions into regulated environments

Creating design solutions founded on real business and customer needs

Proving design through conducting in-house pre-compliance verification testing

Developing great results quickly, through Designing, Building and Testing what we make in-house

Providing full program management or specialist engineering assistance

Production management local and off shore of high and low volume products

Development of new IP and assistance of IP protection

A walking frame with an integrated sensor
Facilitating better fall prevention
in the elderly

The Foot Prints Walking Frame

Tricycle is proud to be assisting Quanticare in the development of the footprints walking frame.

The walking frame includes an integrated sensor which will measure how well a user is walking to enable more proactive falls prevention management of our seniors. By collecting continuous, passive and contextual gait performance data Footprints will deliver the right data set to the right people at the right time in order to keep our seniors more mobile and independent. 

The Technology

Using a sophisticated computer vision algorithm we can obtain the spatio-temporal gait metrics of the walking frame user. These metrics of gait performance have already been extensively researched and are used today for applications such as falls risk prediction.

Our technology captures this data in a new way making it easy for clinicians to understand a user’s mobility status and to inform clinical decisions for proactive care.

The Design

At Tricycle we believe product compliance does not just come from meeting the regulatory requirements, it comes truly caring for the user and addressing their needs. The aim of this design was to develop a frame that:-

1 - Incorporates Quanticare’s computer vision technology
2 - Connect with the senior today and tomorrow, and provides them with a product they feel connected with.

Urban food production
Transforming cities into catchments and food bowls

Biofilta Foodwall

Biofilta has a vision to help transform cities into catchments and foodbowls.

To deliver this vision, Biofilta has developed innovative designs, product and construction techniques to capture, treat and store stormwater from our urban environments in a spatially efficient and flexible manner.

Tricycle is proud to be an ongoing development partner of a Biofilta to assist them in developing products of great innovation and social benefit.

The Biofilta Foodwall is a vertical and modular Foodwall system designed to provide a highly water efficient vertical wicking garden bed that is self-sufficient.

Designed for use public spaces the foodwall comes in double or triple row heights, multiplying the productivity of any space.

Key sustainability features of Foodwall include:

- Wicking garden beds water from the bottom, increasing water efficiency and maintaining a dry surface to prevent weed establishment
- Adjustable water level to suite seedlings and established plants
- Stored water to reduce plant stress during hot periods
- Internal aeration system to separate most of the soil from the water to maintain the health and productivity of the root zone
- High plant productivity and vegetable/herb yield
- Modular – connect multiple bays and water from a single point
- Connect to a raintank and harvest rainwater

If you have a community garden, school, café/restaurant, aged care, body corporate or development projects contact Biofilta to discuss Foodwall design and installation.


Delivering boutique coffee to office America
A unique product system Including pod, UI and machine

Delivering boutique coffee

Tricycle worked with a new entrant into the US market, to develop a system that could expand their business offering to small and boutique coffee roasters. The machine worked with their unique capsule technology offer the boutique coffee roaster a clean coffee pod solution that was attractive to the office market. For a great customer experience this machine needed to provide an education on the coffee blend and coaching how to make the perfect coffee.

UI concepts were explored that delivered alternate ways to communicate the origins and value of the coffee and methods of brewing. As the machines were used in high traffic areas with both experienced and first time users, iconography played a vital role in ensuring users could connect with the product and know how to use it first time.

The mess a coffee machine causes in the office environment was considered a major pain point that the client wished to address. The machine styling is to communicate a clean premium aesthetic that communicated both the cleanliness of the process and the premium nature of boutique espresso coffee.

See it, Believe it
Rowing Performance you can see and improve

See it, Believe it

Featured in ROW 360 magazine, YePP’s sibi  system provides fully synchronized motion capture and analytics on rowing performance. As a key development partner, Tricycle helped Yepp through the design, engineering and production of this unique product range.

News & Events – Memobottle
Raising $260K from Kickstarter and being provided in the Oscars gift bags

News and Events - Memobottle

Tricycle is extremely proud of its past staff member Jesse Leeworthy for developing and launching the memobottle. The memobottle has been recognized by it’s peers as a game changing product. It has reached over $260K of funding on Kickstarter, has been featured within the Oscars and Grammy's gift bags, and is now retailing through Urban Outfitters in the EU and UK.

Resembling the shape of a piece of paper, the memobottle is a slimline, premium designed, reusable water bottle which suitably slides into your favorite carry bag alongside your computer, books and valuables. The memobottle brings leak-proof hydration to a new level of style and efficiency.

Single use bottle consumption has gone bananas in recent years, with 1,500 plastic bottles being used and discarded every SECOND in the US. This has a damaging effect on both the environment, and our hip pockets. Bottled water is about 1,400 times more expensive than tap water and often less regulated.

It’s a common belief that plastic is The Devil. However, due to the monstrous embodied energy in Aluminium and Stainless Steel products, (considering raw material to product) reusable plastic bottles are actually 80% more environmentally friendly than their counterparts.

The memobottle is available for purchase at www.memobottle.com

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